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"As if an invisible string is connecting your physical being to your inner being- we truly cannot have growth in one area of practice without the other. No one understands this link better than Leslie.”

When I was 23 my life changed in an instant. I was whipped off the back of a motorcycle at  80 miles an hour resulting in a serious head injury, second degree burns, and temporary paralysis. The fact that it wasn't worse was astounding. Doctors attributed mild physical injury to my body’s conditioning and sporting history.  Physical wellness had saved my life.   The following year my neurologist suggested  I try a physical class in my weakened state to see if I could follow direction with my body. I chose a yoga class.  The rest is history.

Within a year and a half I was certified to teach. The eight limbs of yoga not only conditioned me back into a healthy body, but it anchored my healing mind, and restored my spirit.


Meditate Montclair's purpose is to share intrinsic natural methods of finding wholeness using ancient and contemporary  wellness practices from around the world.  With live on-site and online classes, the co-creation and exchange of self-study strategies in every class can be powerful and truly transformative over time. 



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MEDITATE MONTCLAIR is a pancultural wellbeing business based in the New York metropolitan area sharing the benefits of meditation, mindful movement, and other mindful living tools online and on-site for individuals, organizations, schools, teams, and businesses.  Meditate Montclair offers services inspired by Eastern religions and philosophy mixed with Western science all ranging from wellness program consulting to custom-designed courses, workshops, private sessions, special events and online coaching.  All of the contemplative practices introduced by Meditate Montclair founder Leslie Keough have a singular achievable goal: to improve one's well-being through self-study.   Whether practicing an introspective style of yoga or entry-level meditation exercises, mindful modalities promoted by Meditate Montclair are known to quiet the mind, improve concentration, and raise confidence which in turn improves  self-awareness, patience, and overall happiness while reducing stress in adults and children.  Whether a beginner or experienced student, allowing Leslie to guide you through a meditation program that meets your needs and fits your comfort level will help you find your inner calm. 

At Meditate Montclair we not only acknowledge, but celebrate the Far Eastern roots of yoga and other pancultural wellness techniques embraced by Leslie Keough and used in her teachings. We are grateful for these  self-study practices and advocate for accurate recognition of and representation of Far Eastern practitioners in the wellness space.

In November of 2020, Keough's wellness journey and Meditate Montclair's Founder Story was published in her hometown newspaper the Dayton Daily News.