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MEDITATE MONTCLAIR is a wellbeing business based in the New York metropolitan area sharing the benefits of meditation, mindful movement, and other mindful living tools online and on-site for individuals, organizations, schools, teams, and businesses.  Meditate Montclair offers services ranging from wellness program consulting to custom-designed courses, workshops, private sessions, special events and online coaching.  All of the contemplative practices introduced by Meditate Montclair founder Leslie Keough have a singular achievable goal: to improve one's well-being through self-study.  "Cultivating mindfulness," according to Bhante Gunaratana, "is a process of self discovery, a participatory investigation in which you observe your own experiences while participating in them, and as they occur."  Whether practicing an introspective style of yoga or entry-level meditation exercises, mindful modalities promoted by Meditate Montclair are known to quiet the mind, improve concentration, and raise confidence which in turn improves  self-awareness, patience, and overall happiness while reducing stress in adults and children.  Whether a beginner or experienced student, allowing Leslie to guide you through a meditation program that meets your needs and fits your comfort level will help you find your inner calm. 



Hooked after her first yoga class as a Loyola University Chicago freshman, LESLIE KEOUGH was eventually certified in Kripalu based yoga in 2003 and then taught yoga from Ohio to Florida to California. Incorporating elements from all of the traditions she has sampled in the last decade plus (workshops with Anna Frost, Janet Stone, and KK Ledford while living in San Francisco; taking a Baptiste power yoga class in Boston, practicing Bikram yoga in Chicago, and Kula yoga while living in New York City), her classes are a unique blend of physical exploration and introspective surrender. Keough currently resides in the New York metropolitan area and consults, speaks, coaches and instructs nationally. In November of 2020, Keough's wellness journey and Meditate Montclair's Founder Story was published in her hometown newspaper the Dayton Daily News.