Get comfortable with silence. Eliminate notifications on your devices and turn off the music or tv. The constant ping of notifications is disruptive and the background noise unnecessary. If we are accustomed to disruption, we cannot expect our brain to concentrate to get to a meditative state on command.


Dedicate an area as sacred space.  Use that place in your home for self study to meditate, read, stretch, and journal. Cultivating an area with ritual and meaningful totems, will make it feel sacred and help you downshift into a calm introspective state as soon as you arrive.


Reduce stimulants and depressants.  To restore natural homeostasis that's conducive for intense focus and deep meditation, it helps to reduce or eliminate stimulants and depressants.  It's easier to find stillness in body and calm in the mind to reach a meditative state when the heart isn't racing from caffeine or the brain sluggish from alcohol. (I like natural energy replacements like MUDWTR mushroom coffee and immunity boosting superfoods like YOURSUPER powders keep healthy and balanced). 


Be mindful of your sleep.  Rest and recovery is so important for whole person wellness and taking steps to ensure eight hours of sleep is key.  Create a nighttime ritual. Don't look at screens an hour before bedtime, and cover the windows so that light doesn't disrupt natural circadian rhythms. Take appropriate doses of magnesium or melatonin and use natural bedding like organic cotton company PACT  (coupon code: Meditate20) to regulate body temperature. 


Be consistent in your practice.  Be sure to allocate the time everyday, even if it's only 8-10 minutes per day.  Find opportunities to practice while waiting in line or in traffic.  Turn your exercise or chores into a meditation in motion with intention and mindful breathing.  Find the time.


Practice self-compassion. Self-study modalities like meditation, yoga, and journaling are opportunities to to observe and befriend yourself on a deeper level, not to add anxiety. There are no absolute right answers or methods, just suggestions and tools that might work for you. Use what resonates without judging yourself.


Tend your mental garden. Be mindful of how your choices, the company you keep, and what you consume either plants seeds that flower or grow weeds in your mental garden.  Paying attention with heightened awareness should be just as keen off the cushion everyday as when you sit still in silence to meditate.