Uncertainty is a Path

Sandbridge Beach, VA

Proceeding full-steam ahead is daunting when the path is unclear. Trust. Watch for signs. Hard work, determination, and good intention are rewarded. You’ve got this!

It takes courage to go it alone. Whether it's writing a book, starting a company, or initiating a self discovery exercise, first-step anxiety can be prohibitive. We often let brain chatter talk us out of reaching for greatness. The doubt (what-ifs, what if it doesn't work, what if I fail), fabricated by our skeptical brains, cloud the mind from its highest potential.

The more cautious ones say, "good for you. I would never be able to do that." The truth is, We. Are. All. Able. To. Do. It. Don't be a doubter. The mind is capable of expanding beyond our own comprehension to create, to heal, to love, and to grow. Just imagine what you could achieve if you are your biggest fan?

Meditation can help. Mediation quiets the chatter and focuses our energies on achieving goals, even when the path isn't clear. Taking the first step is monumental but yet can be surprisingly easy. Following through to the end, however, will draw from that courage. Faith and fortitude is in each and every one of us. For me, learning to trust myself on this journey has been my greatest gift since practicing meditation regularly. I encourage you to join me on your own journey to explore higher and greater potentials in your life every day.

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